Arts and Higher Education

Scoping Study on Cultural Engagement and Knowledge Transfer in Scottish Universities, co-authored with Nicola Sneddon, commissioned by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (2004).

The Economic Impact of the Cultural Sector in Scotland

Economic Impact Report, and Summary co-authored with Stewart Dunlop, Susan Galloway and Adrienne Scullion and commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council and Scotecon (Glasgow: Scotecon, 2004).

National Policy

Flagship or Flagging? The post-devolution role of Scotland’s ‘national’ companies co-authored with Adrienne Scullion, Scottish Affairs 42 (winter 2003): 98-114.

Cultural Policy and Scotland: A Response to the National Cultural Strategy, 
co-authored with Adrienne Scullion, Scottish Affairs 39 (spring 2002): 131-48.

The Effectiveness of the Scottish Arts Council’s Links and Partnerships with Other Agencies, part of the quinquennial review of the Scottish Arts Council, co-authored with Adrienne Scullion, commissioned by the Scottish Executive (2002).

Rural Arts

Evaluation Report: Scotland’s Year of Highland Culture 2007, Christine Hamilton 
With Susan Galloway, Floris Langen, Angela Cran, Colin MacPherson, Malcolm Burns, Ewan Snedden. Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow (October 2008). (Published Highland 2007, November 2008). 
Executive Summary Appendix 1Appendix 2 Appendix 3Appendix 4Appendix 5 Appendix 6

‘Picture It If Yous Will’: Theatre and Theatregoing in Rural Scotland, co-authored with Adrienne Scullion, New Theatre Quarterly 81 (February 2005), pp. 61-76.

Study on the Arts in Shetland, commissioned by Shetland Arts Trust (2004). 

The Same but Different. Rural Arts Touring in Scotland: The Case of Theatre, co-authored with Adrienne Scullion, (Stroud: Comedia, 2004), ISBN/ISSN: 1 873667 87 6.

Arts and Health

Quality of Life and Well-Being: Measuring the Benefits of Culture and Sport: Literature Review and Thinkpiece, co-authored with Susan Galloway and Adrienne Scullion with additional material from David Bell and Mark Petticrew (Edinburgh: Scottish Executive, 2005).

Arts for Health: Still Searching for the Holy Grail, co-authored with Mark Petticrew and Sarah Hinks, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health June 2003; 57: 401-402.

Arts and Community

Culture-led regeneration: learning points and learning profiles, commissioned by the Arts and Communities Association (2005).
 Learning Point 14: Involving the Arts in Community

Arts in the City: Evaluation for The Big Step, co-authored with Peter D. Taylor and commissioned by The Big Step (2004).

Not Just a Treat: Arts and Social Inclusion Report and Summary, co-authored with Robina Goodlad and Peter D Taylor, commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council, (2002).

Arts and Festival Development

Shop Front Theatre: One Year On, co-authored with Geoff Willcocks, January 2011. An exploration of the UK’s first shop front theatre established by Theatre Absolute in Coventry.

Theatre Directing in Scotland, commissioned by the Federation of Scottish Theatre, (November 2005- February 2006).

Briefing for the Visual Arts in Scotland, co-authored with Susan Galloway, commissioned by the Visual Arts and Galleries Association (Scotland), (2004). Festivals Cultureshock report, co-authored with Beatriz García, commissioned by a consortium of bodies in the North West of England (2003).

Mapping methods

Breaking New Ground ICE relational mapping, co-authored with Rachel Granger, August 2010.